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As a new feature, we are also embedding the most active stock status pages on the front page, right below…

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After over three years, we are finally launching phase #1 of a modern-era stock status page. These are the cameras currently covered by this mini-site. For the latest updates on your cameras of interest listed below, click or open in new tab/window.

Frequently Updated (alphabetical order)
+ Fuji X100S
+ Nikon Df [NEW!]
+ Olympus E-M1
+ Panasonic GM1
+ Ricoh GR (APS-C) Digital
+ Sony a7 and a7r

Infrequently Updated (alphabetical order)
+ Canon 70D
+ Canon EOS-m mirrorless system
+ Canon 1D X
+ Canon 5D Mark III
+ Canon 6D
+ Canon D-Rebel T4i (650D)
+ Canon Powershot G1x
+ Canon Powershot S100
+ Canon 1D Mark IV
+ Canon 5D Mark II
+ Canon 7D
+ Fuji X-Pro 1 and lenses
+ Fuji X-E1
+ Fuji X100
+ Fuji X20
+ Fuji X10
+ Nikon D4
+ Nikon D800 and D800E
+ Nikon D3s
+ Nikon D700
+ Nikon D7100
+ Nikon D7000
+ Nikon D3200
+ Olympus E-M5
+ Panasonic GH3
+ Panasonic GH2
+ Panasonic GX1
+ Panasonic LX7 and FZ200
+ Panasonic LX5
+ Pentax K-01
+ Sony A77 & A65
+ Sony NEX-7
+ Sony RX100 Mark II
+ Sony RX100
+ Sony RX1
+ Sony RX1R

Buying through the links in the stock status tables found on this mini-site helps support the Noisy blogs through our affiliate-advertising relationships with major online retailers (Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama, J&R, Vanns, OneCall, etc) along with retailers covered using the Viglink service. Your help is greatly appreciated and it is what keeps this website running. We use very minimal traditional forms of advertising.

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