Fuji X10 (X-Ten) stock status

The Fuji X10 was announced at the end of August 2011, the second camera in the Fuji X-series, with a 2/3″ sensor and 4X optical zoom lens. For more on the camera, check its reviews stream.

Latest Update: Mon June 18, 2012 at 11:40pm EST – Finally, the invisible hand of the market twisted Fuji’s arm, and the price dropped by $50 at authorized/reputable dealers. A small discount when you consider what else is available in the market, and the burden of the ORB issues, but a step in the right direction… The used prices at Amazon Warehouse Deals have jumped close to $500. Three weeks ago they were as low as $373~… If you are a fan of open-box gear, you can get an open-box X10 for $500 at OneCall… If you are a fan of extra accessories, Adorama has a X10 bundle w/extras for just $2 more than the regular price (free 16GB card, extra Power2000 battery, Lowepro pouch and trinkets)…

Fuji X10 stock status and price checker
Fuji X10 In-Stock Pre-Order
$550 Adorama ($552 w/extras)
Amazon (Amazon itself)
J&R World
B&H Photo
Best Buy
Sears.com ($600)
Unique Photo
leather case
B&H Photo
J&R World

+ updates are as of the “Latest Update” time shown above. For the latest updates, check the retailers’ websites
+ “listed only” means that the camera is listed on a website but you cannot pre-order or order it
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