Fuji X100 stock status

The Fuji X100 was a surprise announcement at Photokina 2010 and it took the photography world by storm since its announcement. This phenomenon continues during the “honeymoon” period. The main chapters will be written once the camera is tested and released. For past, present and future updates on the camera, check our Fuji X100 archives.

Latest Update: July 28, 2012 at 11:52pm ET: Fuji X100 standard drops to $1000 with freebies and free overnight at Adorama… Fuji X100 Limited edition drops to $1470… The new wide-converter lens WCL-X100 for the X100 is now available for $300 in black or silver. Pre-order options below the main table below…

Fuji X100 stock status
Fuji X100 In-Stock Pre-Order
Limited Edition
Amazon ($1470, Amazon itself)
OneCall ($1470)
B&H Photo ($1600 w/flash)
Adorama ($1600, free Overnight)
Adorama ($1601 w/extras, free Overnight)
J&R World (discontinued)
Adorama ($1001 w/extras, free Overnight)
Adorama ($1002 w/extras, free Overnight)
Adorama ($1000, free Overnight)
Amazon ($1000 via 3rd parties)
B&H Photo
Best Buy
J&R World ($995 w/JRSUMMER)
Overstock ($1150)

Fuji WCL-X100 pre-order options
+ $350 in black at B&H Photo and Adorama
+ $350 in silver at B&H Photo and Adorama

Fuji X100 accessories [TABLE NOT UPDATED]
Item In-Stock Pre-Order
Fuji LH-X100 lens hood
and 49mm adapter ring
Amazon (listed only)
B&H Photo (listed only)
Fuji AR-X100 adapter ring
Amazon (listed only)
B&H Photo (listed only)
Fujifilm LC-X100 leather case Amazon (listed only)
B&H Photo (listed only)
Fuji EF-42 TTL flash Amazon
B&H Photo
Fuji EF-20 TTL flash Amazon
B&H Photo
Fuji BC-65N battery charger Amazon
B&H Photo
Fuji NP-95 battery Amazon (via 3rd parties) Adorama
B&H Photo
3rd-party NP-95 compatible Amazon (various)
Adorama (Power2000)
Amazon (Lenmar DLF95)
Amazon (Maximal Power battery)
B&H Photo (Pearstone)

In-stock history
+ in-stock history is no longer updated
+ June-2: B&H Photo
+ May-24: B&H for a little bit
+ May-3: Amazon itself for a short period of time
+ Apr-30-2011: Amazon itself for a short period of time
+ please note this is not intended to be comprehensive, only what we manage to catch

+ when shopping at Amazon be sure to note that not all 3rd-party sellers are the same: some are well-known reputable authorized dealers, others are not! Be sure to thoroughly research any 3rd-party seller you are not familiar with before buying, especially when buying a camera like the Fuji X100! It’s one thing to buy a $5 used book from a random seller, it’s another to get an advanced four-figure digital camera!
+ prices and availability are as of the “Latest update” date & time shown above
+ prices and availability are not updated automatically
+ “toos” is short for “temporarily out of stock”
+ “listed only” means the camera is listed on a retailer’s website but you cannot order or pre-order it yet.
+ “bizdays” = short for “business days”
+ if no price is shown in the table above, it means it has the default price, which is shown in the left-most column, under the camera’s name
+ your purchases through the stock-status pages help support this blog and allows us to continue operating independently, so if you find the stock status pages useful, please consider making your purchases through them

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