Nikon D4 pre-order and stock status

The Nikon D4 was announced in early January 2012, just in time for the CES/PMA trade shows, and it is Nikon’s new speed-demon full frame DSLR, replacing the D3s.

Latest Update: September 11, 2012 at 4:30pm ET – In-stock party continues, it is a $6000 DSLR after all… If buying at Amazon by Amazon, they have stackable $200 combined purchase instant rebates on the 24-70 and 70-200 lenses… Coupon JRSUMMER does not work on this camera at J&R World… See Google search results for list of authorized dealers

Nikon D4 stock status
Body Only In-Stock Pre-Order
$6000 Amazon (Amazon itself)
Best Buy
J&R World
Cameta Camera
B&H Photo
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  • A. Non

    B&H Photo is accepting pre-orders.

    • 1001noisycameras

      thanks for the alert! it looks like I had two entries for B&H! It is now corrected!

  • rallyesport

    am i seeing things? or is best buy showing the D4 as in stock as of this moment?

    • 1001noisycameras

      thanks for the alert! it looks like it sold-out since the early morning.