Nikon D700 stock status

The Nikon D700 was announced July 1st 2008, and was at the time (and still is as of Febr-27-2011) the lowest priced low-noise full-frame DSLR. For more on the camera, check its list of reviews.

Latest Update: September 11, 2012 at 5:17pm ET – It looks like it is finally curtains for the legendary Nikon D700 as retailers are out and mark it as gone or discontinued or have even removed its product page…

Nikon D700 stock status page
D700 kit In-Stock Out-of-Stock
B&H Photo
Cameta Camera
J&R World
Best Buy
B&H Photo
w/24-120 Amazon

0. When buying from third-party sellers at Amazon, Sears, and eBay, be sure to check who the actual seller is. Some of them are NOT authorized Nikon dealers!
1. Prices and availability are as of the “Latest Update” date+time shown above.
2. Prices and availability are not updated automatically
3. (listed only) means that a camera is listed on a retailer’s website but you cannot order or pre-order it
4. (toos) is short for temporarily out of stock
5. we do not track brick and mortar stores
6. your purchases through the stock-status pages help support this blog and allows us to continue operating independently, so if you find the stock status pages useful, please consider making your purchases through them
7. use coupon code LOYALTY15 at Abe’s of Maine for $15 off $400+

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  • Steve Pottenger

    J&R World and NewEgg are out of New D700 bodies. B&H and Cameta are out of refurbished.

    • 1001noisycameras

      thanks for the alert! I have just updated the table!

  • Steve Pottenger

    I just bought Adorama’s last refurbished D700. Thanks for the page, it really helped me.

    • 1001noisycameras

      Congratulations on the new purchase and thanks for the alert!