Nikon D7000 stock status

The Nikon D7000 was officially announced in mid-September 2010, in the run-up to the Photokina 2010 trade show and managed to generate some buzz in the world of DSLRs orbiting Planet $1000+. For updates on the camera, be sure to check the D7000 mini-blog.

Latest Update: Tue May 29, 2012 at 9:39pm EST – The link for the free extras at Amazon has changed (they split the D7000/D5100 promotion into two parts)… The prices have dropped by $100 as of today at authorized Nikon dealers. It may take a few hours before the prices propagate as some retailers are closed for the holidays. As usual, the prices shown below are as of the time of this update, they are not updated automatically… If buying at Amazon by Amazon itself (not 3rd-party sellers), you can get three free accessories: SLR backpack, 32GB Class 10 SDHC, and wireless remote for free. Just add all to cart, no coupon needed… If you also need either (or both) the 55-300 or 55-200 DX VR lenses, you can get combined purchase discounts at the Nikon Instant Rebates (expire June 30, 2012)… Free accessories and Lens Instant Rebates promotions are STACKABLE!

Nikon D7000 standard kits
D7000 kit In-Stock Pre-Order
Amazon ($1100, Amazon itself, free extras)
Abt Electronics ($1100)
Cameta ($1100)
J&R World
Best Buy
B&H Photo
RitzCamera ($1000)
Cameta ($1080)
B&H Photo ($1080)
Adorama (gone?)
Amazon ($1400, Amazon itself, free extras)
Abt Electronics ($1400)
OneCall ($1400)
Best Buy ($1400)
Adorama ($1400)
NewEgg ($1400)
B&H Photo
J&R World
Target (5% off w/RED card)
Cameta (free extras)

Nikon D7000 Books/Guides [most in pre-order status, PhotoBert shipping]
+ Magic Lantern Guide by Simon Stafford (book): Amazon
+ Magic Lantern Multimedia guide: Amazon
+ Magic Lantern D7000 CLS Flash companion by Simon Stafford: Amazon
+ D7000 from Snapshots to Great shots by John Batdorff: Amazon
+ D7000 for Dummies by Julie Adair King: Amazon
+ JumpStart DVD Video Training Guide: Adorama
+ PhotoBert Photo Cheatsheet: Adorama, B&H Photo

0. When shopping at Amazon, Sears, and other retailers with open marketplaces, be sure to check who the actual seller of a camera is! Some 3rd-party sellers are well-known, reputable and authorized dealers, others may be none of the above
1. Prices and availability are as of the “Latest Update” date+time shown above.
2. Prices and availability are not updated automatically
3. (listed only) means that a camera is listed on a retailer’s website but you cannot order or pre-order it
4. (toos) is short for temporarily out of stock
5. we do not track brick and mortar stores
6. this is a very time-consuming project, and it is only feasible when we track well-known online retailers that have affiliate programs. If we had infinite time and resources we could track the whole universe, but unfortunately we have neither
7. we only mention prices next to a retailer’s name if they are different from the default prices of $1200 (body only) and $1500 (w/18-105). This makes the table easier to read and easier to update
8. YMMV = your mileage may vary

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  • 1001noisycameras

    testing the Disqus commenting system

  • jackie Spellen

    This camera is totally awesome. It’s a bit more than I can handle but learning each feature and it’s ability is so out-of-this world! I am so passionate about photography and learning what this machine could do is amazing. I don’t think I need to replace this until a good 5 + years!

    • 1001noisycameras

      yes, the D7000 is a very versatile camera! It is probably one of the most influential cameras in the market in the last few years.

  • jazz

    just got it today for 1199 at

    • 1001noisycameras

      thanks for the alert!