Olympus E-M5 pre-orders

This page tracks pre-orders for the Olympus E-M5, OM-inspired Micro Four Thirds digital camera. Check the latest update and the table below for the latest stock status. For more on the camera, check its list of completed reviews.

Latest Update: This page is now using the new modular format and as a result, the Latest Update Date/Time is now in the table below, instead of here…When you find the E-M5 in-stock at B&H and Adorama, you can optionally buy it together with the Olympus 40-150mm M.Zuiko, and pay only +$100 (was +$150) for the lens. Click on the “Buy Together and Save” links to see the options… You can also optionally buy the E-M5 together (in the same shopping cart) with a qualifying accessory, and get the price of that accessory (up to certain limits) back via a mail-in rebate (MIR). Details at the second table below (expires 6/30/12, unless extended)…

IF YOU DON’T SEE THE STOCK STATUS TABLE BELOW: The Stock Status table below is displayed using the AdSpeed cloud-hosted ad-management service. This allows us to update the stock information at one place, and it automatically refreshes at multiple places on the various noisy blogs. If you are using Ad Block Plus or other similar browser extensions or services, you may not see the Stock Status table below! We are trying to figure out how to proceed with this… In the meantime, the workarounds: 1) adjust the Ad Block Plus settings to allow this to display 2) use different browser/computer. If you are using Firefox and don’t trust any other browser, you can use the Firefox Profile Manager to create a new Firefox Profile for situations like these (there are many tutorials on this via Googling)

Mail-In Rebate Promotion (ends June 30, 2012) You can buy one of the three items, together with the E-M5 kit, in the same shopping cart (same transaction, from the same retailer). After you receive the items and verify that all is well, you can submit the mail-in rebate (available as a PDF file) and receive the purchase price of the accessory via the mail-in rebate. See the PDF files at the various retailer websites or Olympus America for all the details… Please note the Accessories Table below is only a listing of retailers, not a “stock status” table. The check is DIY… NOTE: If buying from Amazon, make sure you check that both the E-M5 kit and the free accessory are sold and shipped by Amazon itself (not 3rd-party or marketplace sellers)… The promotion has been extended from May-31-2012 to June-30-2012…

Accessories eligible for the mail-in rebates (ends 6/30/12)
Item Retailer
FL-300R Adorama
B&H Photo
MMF-3 Adorama
B&H Photo
MF-2 OM Adorama
B&H Photo

Accessories (FL600 flash, MMF3 adapter, HLD-6 holder)
+ Amazon

+ TOOS = Temporarily Out Of Stock

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  • http://www.facebook.com/touzeen Touzeen Hussain

    New rebate dates are June 30th

    • http://www.1001noisycameras.com 1001noisycameras

      thanks for the alert! The page has now been updated with the new expiration date!

  • Phil

    What table? This page is void of useful information!

    • http://www.1001noisycameras.com 1001noisycameras

      There is a table that looks like this (screenshot): http://www.1001noisycameras.com/images/olympus-em5-table-example.PNG

      I am assuming you are not seeing the table as seen in the screenshot crop above? The table is delivered through Javascript, which allows this to be published multiple places with a single point of edit (it makes updates faster and more accurate).

      If Javascript is blocked or something along those lines, you may not see it.

      One workaround is to try a different browser or a different computer?

      • Phil

        I.m using an up-to-date Firefox under Vista (fully patched as well), and the rest of the web works just fine… but of course, you’re the one who’s right! *shakes head*

        • http://www.1001noisycameras.com 1001noisycameras

          I do not have magic powers, fortunately or unfortunately. So the first steps in a situation like this are: 1) workaround 2) try to narrow it down

          If it works with other browsers on the same computer, or works on different computers, then you have a workaround and also narrow down the problem to potentially a specific issue.

          If it doesn’t work on other browsers and/or computers, then it might be a bigger problem.

          This has worked on every combination I tried, but there are thousands of possible configurations, and obviously I cannot test them all.

          This is not a forum megapixel argument, not sure where you are getting with “you’re the one’s who’s right”. I am trying to figure out what the problem might be. This is problem-solving 101. It is not a question of who’s right.

      • Phil

        And, yes, Javascript is enabled. The only restriction is to block scripts from hiding windows (common practice of malware).

        • http://www.1001noisycameras.com 1001noisycameras

          Then this is perhaps the reason. The Javascript that shows the table is hosted at Adspeed.net, which is a cloud hosted ad/banner-rotation service. Adspeed itself is not an ad-network, just the infrastructure for webmasters to display ads. In this case, it is a cut-and-paste of the previous stock status table into an Adspeed ad. The Adspeed service allows to post this at multiple places on the various blogs while only updating the actual table at a single point, and past, present and future posts will be updated automatically.

          So if this is blanket-blocking ad-related items or if some webmasters misused the service in the past, and put it in a block list, then this should be it.

          So the next step, I will try to reproduce it. Is this through specific Firefox settings or a Firefox add-on?

  • http://www.1001noisycameras.com 1001noisycameras

    I think your other comment on Javascript is probably pointing to the issue.

    The problem with trying to remotely figure out the issue, I do not know if the other person is an internet super-guru or they just got their first computer, so I have to start at a general level and then try to narrow it down.

    If you don’t want to use another browser, I think there is a workaround: the Firefox Profiles with the Profile Manager feature may be helpful in this if you don’t want to use other browsers. I have been running it for a few months and so far I haven’t had any issues or cross-talk between the different Firefox profiles. It is one Firefox installation (not instance) but they seem to be well separated.

    • Phil

      Well, I just installed and tried Chrome to please you, and the table does appear in Chrome. Unfortunately, the next step is to uninstall Chrome (Google getting too invasive for my taste, don’t care to share my life with them).

      I just had a flash: your table is blocked by AdBlock Plus. Problem solved. Odd, though, because ABP is very rarely mistaken (first time I can recall).

      As a side note: why is this page not listed in the right-hand sidebar, along with the other cameras?

      • http://www.1001noisycameras.com 1001noisycameras

        thanks for the updates! I will also reproduce with my own Firefoxes.

        I am guessing all it takes is one misbehaving webmaster to use the Adspeed service for nefarious reasons, and the Blocking services may block the whole service instead of the offending website(s).

        I will let the Adspeed people know so they can contact the Adblock people and try to sort it out.

        I need to sort out the template of this blog at some point. Currently it’s just the default WP template. The E-M5 is listed alphabetically in the “Frequently Updated” list at the top right corner, and also at the nearly invisible menu bar at the top of the page.

      • http://www.1001noisycameras.com 1001noisycameras

        Thanks! I just reproduced it. I will contact the involved parties to see what can be done. Thanks for bringing it up!