Panasonic GH2 stock status

The Panasonic GH2 was announced at Photokina 2010 with a 16mp sensor and full-HD video as the highly anticipated follow-up to the GH1.

Latest Update: Mon June 11, 2012 at 11pm ET – Over two months since our previous update, the prices have dropped $50 for the GH2 w/14-140 kit and went up $50 for the w/14-42 kit… In some cases, eg B&H Photo, you have to add to cart to see the price… Even more retailers no longer carry individual GH2 kits…

Panasonic GH2 stock-status
GH2 kit In-Stock Pre-Order

Amazon ($1150 via 3rd parties) ($1350, itself)
Best Buy ($1385 via
OneCall (gone?)
J&R World (gone)
B&H Photo (discontinued)
Adorama (no longer available)
Vanns (no longer available)
NewEgg (deactivated)

Amazon ($800, Amazon itself)
J&R World ($800)
B&H Photo ($800)
Overstock ($887) ($900 via 3rd parties)
Adorama ($900)
Ritz Camera
OneCall (gone)
Vanns (no longer available)

Amazon (listed only)
Adorama (gone)
B&H Photo (gone)
body only

Adorama ($750)
Amazon ($750)
B&H Photo ($750)
OneCall (gone)
body only

Amazon (listed only)

+ DMW-BLC12 battery: check at OneCall, Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo

New Panasonic M43rds lenses
+ Panasonic 14mm f2.5: check at Vanns, Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama
+ Panasonic 100-300mm: check at Vanns, Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama
+ Panasonic 8mm f3.5 fisheye: Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo, OneCall

Other Panasonic GH2 Bundles
+ as of Febr-25-2011 check, these are no longer available GH2 w/14-42mm and Lensbaby Composer w/Tilt Transformer at Adorama in black GH2 or silver GH2

In-stock history
+ June 30: the in-stock history is no longer updated
+ June 29: black body at regular price
+ June 27: silver w/14-42mm with an $11 discount (!)
+ June 23-27: silver body only at regular price, black body w/premium
+ June 20-21: black w/14-140 in-stock at regular price
+ June 19: silver kit and black body at regular prices
+ June 17-18: w/14-42mm kits and body only in-stock at regular prices
+ mid-June: only silver kit in-stock at regular price
+ June 9: most kits in-stock
+ June 7-8: all kits in-stock one way or another at their opening prices
+ June 6: silver w/14-42 kit at multiple retailers
+ June 1-5: w/14-42mm silver remains, w/14-140 with premium and/or by not-authorized
+ May 30-31: w/14-42 black and silver are in-stock, w/14-140 in-and-out
+ May 29: w/14-140 black and 14-42 silver remain in-stock, body only w/premium
+ May 27-28: all kits are in-stock (oh my!)
+ May 26: silver w/14-42 at J&R, black body w/$100 premium at 1Call
+ May 24-25: w/14-140 at J&R, w/14-42 both colors at various
+ May 20: w/14-140 w/$200 premium by Samy’s on Amazon
+ May 18: w/14-140 w/$100 premium at OneCall
+ May 17: open-box at OneCall
+ May 9: w/14-140 a couple of hours at Amazon by Amazon
+ Apr 17-18: w/14-140 open box at 1Call
+ Apr 14: 14-42 silver at J&R
+ Apr 6-12: 14-140 at Adorama
+ Apr-5: 14-140 at Adorama, 14-42 blk at B&H
+ Apr-4: 14-140 kits at Adorama and B&H
+ Apr-3: 14-140 kits at Adorama and B&H, body at 1Call w/premium
+ Apr-2: zoom kits at Adorama and B&H
+ Apr-1: zoom kits at Adorama, 14-140 at B&H, body at 1Call w/premium
+ Mar-31: w/14-140 at B&H
+ Mar-30: GH2 body and w/14-140 at 1Call at premium
+ Mar-29: GH2 w/14-42 black at B&H, w/14-140 at 1Call at premium
+ Mar-28: GH2 w/14-42 silver at B&H and J&R
+ Mar-27: GH2 w/14-140 at B&H Photo
+ Mar-25: GH2 w/14-140 at 1Call
+ Mar-23: silver w/14-42mm at J&R, black at Adorama
+ Mar-22: all three zoom kits at J&R World
+ Mar-17: black w/14-140 and silver w/14-42 at B&H
+ Feb-24, 25: silver w/14-42mm at Adorama
+ Feb-22: black w/14-42mm at OneCall
+ Feb-3,4: silver kit at Adorama
+ Jan-14: silver kit at Adorama
+ Jan-11-2011: silver kit at B&H Photo
+ Dec-28-2010: silver kit a few hours at Adorama
+ Dec-27-2010: a few hours at Amazon and Adorama
+ please note this is not comprehensive history, only what we notice

+ when buying from 3rd party sellers at Amazon, Sears,, etc, make sure to check who the actual seller is. Not every third-party seller is an authorized Panasonic dealer. Buying from well-known 3rd-party sellers like J&R, Adorama, OneCall, Vanns is not the same as buying from random 3rd party seller who may have a box of GH2s in their basement!
+ prices and availability are as of the “Latest update” date & time shown above
+ prices and availability are not updated automatically
+ “toos” is short for “temporarily out of stock”
+ “listed” means the camera is listed on a retailer’s website but you cannot order or pre-order it yet.
+ “bizdays” = short for “business days”
+ if no price is shown in the table above, it means it has the default price, which is shown in the left-most column, under the camera’s name
+ your purchases through the stock-status pages help support this blog and allows us to continue operating independently, so if you find the stock status pages useful, please consider making your purchases through them

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