Panasonic LX5 stock status

The Panasonic LX5 was announced in July 2010, roughly two years after the announcement of the Panasonic LX3 {reviews, diary, price-check}. The LX5 tries to build upon the success of the LX3, while avoiding to take risks.

Latest Update: July 14, 2012 at 7:50pm EST – three months after our previous updates, the price remains the same, but more retailers no longer carry it…

Panasonic LX5 stock-status
body color In-Stock Pre-Order
LX5 black
Amazon ($360)
B&H Photo ($360)
Adorama (no longer available)
OneCall (no longer available)
Vanns (no longer available)
J&R World (discontinued)
LX5 white
B&H Photo ($380)
Amazon ($450 via 3rd parties)
Adorama (no longer available)
J&R World (dicontinued)
Vanns (no longer available)

1. Prices and availability are as of the “Latest Update” date+time shown above.
2. Prices and availability are not updated automatically
3. “Listed” means that a camera is listed on a retailer’s website but you cannot order or pre-order it

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